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Overall Review

Tinder is an online dating app. This has made the concept of online dating more socially acceptable. Smartphones are an extension of people nowadays. Thus, an app like tinder makes it very easy for the users to meet people online.


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Creating Tinder Profile

Tinder is a free to download application. However, it does provide premium services for a certain subscription fee. While most dating sites require users to create a profile, tinder uses a person's Facebook details to create one. Photos are uploaded automatically from the user's Facebook profile. Additionally, users can also upload photos from their camera roll or other social media sites. Apart from this, users are allowed to write about themselves in 500 words to better express themselves in the dating arena.

Tinder Matching Process

The matching process is rather simple. Users can select the gender, distance from user and age range of the recommended matches that are to be shown. Photos of potential partners pop up on the screen along with the age of the user and a list of common mutual friends from Facebook. Furthermore, tapping the photo allows the user to see more details about the potential partner such as their current distance from the user, last online activity, and the "about section" where the potential partner has expressed themselves. After that, users can swipe left to move on to the next profile. Once two users have mutually approved of each other, they can communicate via Tinder.

Celebrities on Tinder

Tinder is not only limited to ordinary users but has also a few celebs that like to use this app to find the perfect partner. It is probable that users who are near the celebs at the time may actually be able to look them up on Tinder. High profile celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Hilary Duff and Dave Franco have their own verified profiles on Tinder. These profiles are enough to tell how popular Tinder is as a dating app.

Features of Tinder

  • Edit/ Add photos
  • Search and view profiles
  • See nearby users
  • Accept/Reject userss
  • Mutual accept and communicate via Tinder
  • Profile generation via Facebook
    • Gender
    • Employment and Education
    • Location
    • Age
    • About You
    • Anthem Song

Pros of Tinder

PositiveFree to download and usee
PositiveAutomatic profile generation from Facebook ensures a quick profile creation
PositiveEasy acceptance or rejection by swiping left/right
PositiveDiverse pool of users to choose from
PositiveSuggestion of potential using location service
PositiveEasier to connect with people over traditional dating sites

Cons of Tinder

NegativeWeak verification system since it only considers Facebook profile as a verification, which is easy to fake
NegativeInformation about potential suitors are limited to what is provided by them and no verification
NegativeCan't search for targeted users with similar interests
NegativeNo chance to reconsider a possible suitor that was rejected by mistake
NegativeNo website version
NegativePremium membership is based on age. Older single users have to pay more
NegativeNo details on the marital status of a person

Bottom Line

Tinder is different from the traditional dating sites which are used mostly for hook ups. Though there are users in Tinder that are looking for hook ups, it also provides a social platform for users to interact. In short, Tinder is much more than a dating app. It's the combination of social networking and dating, working to make it easier for people to find their perfect match.

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