Top 3 Trans Dating Sites & Apps to Find Date

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Many persons of ordinary gender react with shock when a date discloses that he or she is trans. This is a huge turnoff and disappointment to the transgender persons. It makes it terribly difficult to get a date who will accept trans like a normal human being in need of compassion and affection.

What are you looking for?

The fact that you want a trans to date means you are very specific. The challenge for most people is the misconception that trans women are soft hearted men or a feminine boy. Unfortunately, trans women are some of the hardest hitting and strongest personalities you will encounter. If that is your desire, you should be prepared for what dating a trans comes with.

Finding affection for transgender persons is a bit difficult because of the reaction of ordinary persons. This is why a transgender person will appreciate and hold on to love when it comes his or her way. Though trans will be reserved at the beginning, you will experience an explosion of excitement when there is full disclosure and acceptance. If you are looking for a trans to date, you can be sure that there is a trans somewhere looking for you and ready for the relationship.

Dating Apps for Trans

Dating sites and apps have made it easy for trans to find dates. They have expanded the choices for members on their profiles such that you can indicate whether you are interested in an ordinary person or trans and express yourself through t4m hashtag. An interested person clicking on your profile will have known that you are interested in trans. This eliminates the anxiety of having to disclose your status and seeing your date freeze or flee.

Here are some of the trans dating apps that are accommodating to transgender.

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  • MyTransgenderDate- the platform is free and features numerous transgender persons. It is a vibrant community with chatrooms, blogs and forums to interact. You has separated the sections for non-op transgender persons, post-op and pre-op. The community is growing incredibly fast and getting more vibrant even through t4m messaging.
  • TG Personals- this remains the most famous website for transgender persons. If offers an option to look for partners who are transgender female, transgender male, intersexed, crossdressers and androgynous, among other options. You will also find ordinary people who are interested in trans though they are not. This is a free platform where you can join, browse and interact with paying a dime.
  • the site is designed for trans in Las Vegas. Most of the ads are about transgender male to female. It allows you to peruse through the featured ads before you even register. This means that you will know more before enrolling. Unfortunately, the searches are less specific because only one transgender category is provided. However, since the target is a specific area, it is easier to meet-up for dates.

There are other platforms to find trans dates including Lucky, TranssexualDate and TS Girlfriend, among others. Scroll through the profiles to see who is looking for fun and who wants a lasting relationship. Most of these apps provide a good environment where you will enjoy incredible comfort as a trans or when looking for trans.


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